We have started the second edition of our on-site workshops!

August 26, 2019

Today, the College of Europe in Natolin welcomed new participants joined us as part of the Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood project!

We started out the day with a guest lecture by Edward Lucas – an experienced journalist and media expert, and former senior editor of The Economist. There, we talked about the rise of disinformation, journalism in a digital era, and much more!

Following this, our groups split for several in-depth sessions. Those included a workshop by James Breiner, in which participants learned about the media as an industry and designed their own value propositions and business plans for journalistic outlets. A conversation with Bla┼ż Zgaga, on the other hand, gave some fascinating insights into modern investigative journalism – including hints on how to investigate and pursue leads. Finally, the day ended with meetings with Anneli Ahonen and Anneli Kimber, who talked about the EU’s fight against large-scale disinformation, and with Ayman Mhanna, who spoke about media sustainability and press freedom.

Registration of interested participants

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