Three courses are officially up and online – more coming soon!

June 24, 2019

Good news! Our e-learning platform now contains three long courses that you can take. Those are:

  • Monetisation and financial sustainability – reflections on how journalism can make money in a digital era, and what different sources of revenue (donations, subscriptions, and the like) there are
  • Investigative journalism – insights into the methods, use cases for, and ethics of investigative journalism. We talk about topics such as data from public databases
  • Multimedia journalism- a look at how you can enhance your reporting with data, photos, charts, and much more! Also includes special sections on diversity in the technology industry and reporting on sensitive topics such as migration

We plan to publish new courses, including on disinformation in the media, over the coming days and weeks!

If you haven’t registered yet, worry not. You can sign up for free at!

We hope you enjoy the class! And, as usual – if you have any questions, just drop us a note on!

Registration of interested participants

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