The August edition of our in-person workshops has come to an end!

September 19, 2019

The August edition of our in-person workshops has come to an end!


This past August, 81 participants from all across the EU, ENP-South, and ENP-East regions gathered at the College of Europe in Natolin for workshops conducted as part of the JCN programme. The workshops included three days onsite in Natolin, during which participants took part in the following classes:

  • The monetisation and sustainability of news in the digital age, with Prof James Breiner,
  • Open data and investigative journalism, with Blaž Zgaga,
  • Disinformation in the media (part one), with European Commission experts Anneli Kimber and Anneli Ahonen,
  • The link between sustainability, independence, and editorial freedom, with Ayman Mhanna,
  • Value-based reporting, with Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian,
  • Multimedia journalism, with Daniel Rząsa,
  • Disinformation in the media (part two), with Dr Adam Lelonek,
  • Intercultural dialogue, with Łukasz Dobromirski,
  • Challenges of new media: case study of Poland, with Michał Kobosko,
  • and Chatham House rules discussions with multiple experts (Disinformation in the media and the Future of Journalism).


Following those workshops, participants also embarked on one of two study trips: those from the EU went to Tbilisi, Georgia, while ENP participants visited Berlin, Germany.


Feedback on the workshops and study visits has been overwhelmingly positive so far and we are already recruiting for the next edition thereof! In order to be considered for selection, you will need to have completed at least one of the obligatory journalistic craft courses and collected a high number of points on our e-learning courses by 13 October, at 23:59 Warsaw time!

Registration of interested participants

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