Some of our favourite sources to follow

June 13, 2019

Today, we decided to publish a list of sources, readings, and other types of content that keep on inspiring us and give us a trove of information about journalism and the world at large!


The Google News Lab is a fascinating place that funds plenty of local journalism and fact-checking initiatives. It’s definitely worth it to take a look at them and their projects.

@Quiztime is a Twitter account that will help you hone your open source and geolocation skills!

Bellingcat is another top resource – it’s an investigative journalism group that focuses on open sources, research using things like satellite data, and finding breadcrumbs on social media. They are also very willing to publish their methodologies, offering a great learning opportunity.

Finally, the @Poynter school of journalism is a great place to read more about the progress of journalism financing, fact-checking, and much more!

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