External: A Poynter analysis on global counter-disinformation efforts

June 17, 2019

If you’d like to learn more about how countries around the world are dealing with the fight against disinformation, look no further.

The Poynter institute has published an analysis that compares different governments’ responses to fake news and disinformation. Some have ended up creating laws that criminalise the creation or sharing of such content; others have set up task forces on the matter.

The study looks at many countries in lots of different regions, including the EU, the EU’s Neighbourhood, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. It also highlights some of the paradoxes of counter-disinformation legislation – in one country, for example, a prominent social network refused to air government-bought ads, arguing that they fell short of transparency standards.

Another recommended read on the matter – the EU has also published a task force report on the fight against disinformation, available here.

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