Day two of the JCN workshops has come to an end!

August 20, 2019

Day two of the first edition of Journalistic Craft for Neighbourhood on-site workshops at the College of Europe in Natolin has come to an end!

We covered a lot of ground today. We met with Mr Daniel Rzasa, looking at a huge range of digital, investigative, and multimedia tools that journalists can use to find new information and illustrate their stories. We had a big discussion about Poland’s media landscape with Mr MichaƂ Kobosko. We discussed disinformation in Europe with Ms Anneli Ahonen and Ms Anneli Kimber. We shared insights on fake news and beyond with Dr Adam Lelonek as well!

Finally, we sat down for a big fireside chat with all our trainers in order to talk about the present (and future) state of fact-based journalism!

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