The College of Europe was the world’s first university institute of postgraduate studies and training in European affairs, and remains unique and innovative to this day. Its origins date back to 1948, before the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community. At the Hague Congress, Salvador de Madariaga, a Spanish statesman, thinker and writer in exile proposed the establishment of a College where university graduates from many different countries could study and live together.


In 1949, the first campus of the College of Europe was established in the city of Bruges, in Belgium. After the fall of communism, and in the wake of the changes in Central and Eastern Europe, the College of Europe campus at Natolin (Warsaw, Poland) was founded in 1992 with the support of the European Commission and the Polish government. The College now operates as “One College – Two Campuses”.

The Bruges campus and the Natolin campus are administered by their respective governing bodies, respectively under Belgian and Polish legislation. In all academic matters, they act under the governance of a single Academic Council.

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