Conference library

We have compiled a series of documents for our JCN conference, which will take place on 8 June 2020, on this page.


Reports on the media landscape and the state of the freedom of media in selected ENP and EU countries

The EU – France, Greece, and Spain (pdf)

The ENP-South region (pdf)

The Eastern Partnership region (pdf)


A summary of the five compulsory e-learning JCN courses

Summary of five compulsory e-learning courses (pdf)



Second place in the ENP-East region – Fatma BABAYEVA (pdf)

Second place in the ENP-South region – Hagar OMRAN (pdf)

Second place in the EU – Lucia POSTERARO (pdf)


Third place in the EU – Katarina GULAN (pdf)



Handbook of European Journalism, lessons and challenges

We will soon publish our Handbook of European Journalism, lessons and challenges here, so please watch this space

Registration of interested participants

If you are interested in taking part in the project and would like to be informed of our planned activities, please register now.